In medieval times, the verger (spelled "virger" in England and older texts) was the Protector of the Procession. The verger led the way for the procession as it moved from the vestry around the church or cathedral and into the front doors.
Verger Pendant

Verger Pendant

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Details about this Verger Pendant


2 1/4" gold plated and enameled Episcopal Verger pendant on a 33" blue cotton cord. Poly bag packaged.

Vergers are laypersons who serve the church in a ministry of service and welcome. The verger is able to respond to any inquiry concerning the upcoming service, church facilities or current program offerings. Some typical verger duties are assigning, training and checking in lectors, chalice bearers, acolytes and prayer intercessors. The verger often coordinates with the altar guild and funeral guild. In some parishes the verger checks lighting and sound.

Product Size: 2-1/4" X 1-1/2" X 1/4"