22" High Celtic Wall Cross

22" High Celtic Wall Cross

Code: CH-774



Details about this 22" High Celtic Wall Cross


22" High Celtic Wall Cross. The cross tells of beginnings: Adam and Eve (Gn 2) and the Wise Men (Mt 2). Offering and praise are expressed in the scenes on the arms: Abraham's sacrifice (Gn 22) and David's song (Psalms). Daniel between lions (Dn 14) - a type of Christ - is directly below the central figure of the redeeming judge amid the four living ones. (Rv 21) At the top, the hermits Paul and Anthony gather in eucharist, a sign of the church under the Pentecostal dove. On the base, the eucharistic story of loaves and fishes (Mt 14). Solid cast and polished bronze. Explanation card included.