Pectoral High Cross of Ireland

Pectoral High Cross of Ireland

Code: 1664-P



Details about this Pectoral High Cross of Ireland


4" Pectoral cross die struck and silver plated pendant on a 30" substantial silver plated steel chain chain.

The cross tells of beginnings: Adam and Eve(Gn)and the Wise Men (Mt 2). Offering and praise are expressed in the scenes on the arms: Abraham's Sacrifice (Gn 2) and David's song (Psalm). Daniel between lions (Dn 14) - a type of Christ - directly below the central figure of the redeeming judge amid the four living ones. (Rv 21) At the top, the hermits, Paul and Anthony, gather in the Eucharist, a sign of the church under the Pentecostal dove. On the base, the Eucharistic story of loaves and fishes (Mt 14). Solid cast and polished bronze. Card with explanation of the design included. Gift Boxed.

Product Size: 4" X 2" X 1/8"